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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

LuLaRoe | What is that crazy patterned stuff?

You may be thinking upon reading this title, "OH NO, not a blogger trying to sell LuLaRoe, I already have enough people on my Facebook trying to sell it."  But HAVE NO FEAR, I am just here to introduce you to it and tell you how amazing it truly is.  And how skeptical I was when I first heard about it.

LuLaRoe is an up and coming clothing company that sells leggings, pencil skirts, maxi skirts, dresses, tops, and more.  They are mostly known for their crazy patterned leggings, but they also have  solid leggings, shirts, and less crazy patterns for those more conservative folk.  

I first heard about LuLaRoe about six months ago when my cousin was having a party.  I looked at the skirts and leggings and though how weird...I would NEVER in a million years wear any of that.  Flash forward six months...I now own 4 LuLaRoe dresses, 4 pencil skirts, 1 skirt with pockets, 2 baseball t's, and 6 pairs of leggings.  Yes, I may be a little be obsessed...BUT in my defense, I hosted an online Facebook party and received two free items and have won throughout giveaways from different groups on Facebook 3 pairs of leggings and a dress!

These clothing items are SO SOFT--the leggings are ridiculously soft--and SO COMFORTABLE.  I mean, I have worn these clothing items from 6AM-10PM and could have even fallen asleep in them! Yes, I could have fallen asleep in the pencil skirt and the dress.

Here is a little more about LuLaRoe, "LuLaRoe is an incredible community bringing you the most unique, comfortable, fashionable new styles.  Something unique about this company is that it changes its fabrics constantly.  Each day our warehouse receives new prints to style into these amazingly fashion forward collection of clothes. Our designer Patrick cuts around 1500 pieces of one print across all the styles, and that is it, resulting in many of the pieces being one of a kind."

LuLaRoe is also unique in the way that consultants sell the clothing only out of their home and on Facebook.  You are unable to buy anywhere else, heck if you did, there wouldn't be a website big enough to put every single one of their patterns in each of their styles.  

My friend from college, Kaitlyn, started selling LuLaRoe.  She is the one who put all these awesome outfits together (From her LuLaRoe inventory) that you are seeing in this blogpost's images.  You should all check out her group HERE--LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Jeske

Another fun thing, each clothing item (except for the Leggings, Classic T, and the Maxi skirts) in the LuLaRoe line is named after someone important in the founders/owners lives (grandkids, children, aunts, cousins), for example, some of the dresses are named: Nicole, Julia, & Carly.  The skirts are named: Madison, Cassie, Azure, & Lola.  How cool is that?!  I want a clothing item named after me!

How does LuLaRoe work? Well, here is the nitty gritty. A LuLaRoe consultant purchases inventory from the warehouse, it ships in these big boxes.  She orders certain items, like 30 Nicoles, 24 Carlys, 27 pairs of leggings, etc.  But she has no idea what patterns she is going to get when she opens her boxes, it is a complete surprise.  She takes photos of her inventory and then hangs them up with her other inventory.  She has a specific time her sale runs--typically 24-36 hours on Facebook and offsite groups like Shop the Roe or Bookteek.  She sets the photos to upload at a certain time, and if Facebook cooperates, the LuLaRoe customers STALK Facebook for the sales to start and comment SOLD on the pieces they are want.  The next day, the consultant sends them their invoice, they pay via credit card, and within the next 1-2 days the consultant ships out their items and it arrives at the customers' door.  It is so easy. 

And I mean, look at some of these outfits Kaitlyn put together.  Ummm...can each and every one of you appear in my closet???? I want all the LuLaRoe!

Please check out my friend Kaitlyn's LuLaRoe Facebook Group.  She will be there to help guide you and answer ALL your questions, whether you are a LuLaRoe newbie, searching for your unicorn (the pattern you NEED to have), or are a LuLaRoe veteran.  She is awesome and you should check her out!!  Especially because...(drum roll please...), read the paragraph below!!! 

Say tuned to Polka Dots & Palindromes next week for more about LuLaRoe and maybe even some advice and tips on how to style LuLaRoe.  There may even be a coupon code for you to use on LEGGINGS....  Which I may say happens very rarely in the LuLaRoe be sure you stop back here next week!! You will not regret it. 
**Pictures used with permission from the LuLaRoe Kaitlyn Jeske group
Monday, November 14, 2016

Chicago Cubs - World Series Champions!!

It has been an amazing past few weeks here in Chicago.  And it all started with Game 1 of the Chicago Cubs playoffs, which Zak and I were lucky enough to get to go to the first game!! It was amazing, when Javier Baez hit that home run, Wrigley Field went wild!

Wrigley Field has it's own amazing vibe during the regular season, but during the Post Season and the World Series, it is on a whole different level!  Wrigleyville was more alive than I have ever seen it over the past month.  There was always people everywhere, people even waited outside of bars for 6+ hours before the game started, paid a $100 cover and a table fee, just so they could watch the game near Wrigley Field.  It was insane, but insanely amazing.  FYI: Zak and I were not some of those crazy people who paid that cover and table fee...we either watched the games from home or went to a bar without a cover. 

The Cubs made a run for it in the World Series.  They were down 3 games to 1 (you need to win 4 games out of 7) and ended up winning the last 3 games to win the World Series!!  The last game was very stressful, from a home run from the very first hitter of the game, to being up the whole game until it was tied up in the 8th inning, going to extra innings, with a rain delay, but the Cubs rallied together as a team and pulled Game 7 off with a win!

As soon as the game was over, Zak and I ran to Wrigley Field, about a 30-minute walk from the bar we were at, and we made it in probably less than 15 minutes.  I have never seen Chicago so excited before, you could not drive in the streets, people were running and crowding everywhere, the Go Cubs Go song was constantly being played and all you heard throughout the city was "They did it."  "GO CUBS!"  It was incredible.  I do not regret going to bed at 2am that night and being super tired for work the next morning, it was well worth it.

Zak has been a Chicago Cubs fan since he was a little boy, from every single bad year, to the Steve Bartman year, to almost making it last year, to finally being World Series champions after a 108-year drought, even involving a goat curse, I do not think I have ever seen him happier than he was after Kris Bryant threw that final ball to Anthony Rizzo, making the Cubs the World Champs of 2016.

Due to work and too many people, we did not make it downtown to the rally or to the parade on Michigan Avenue, but we had the best seats, on my couch in front of my TV.  After the parade was done we made our way to Wrigley Field.  Zak and I just happened to be in the right place at the right the players came back from the rally, we were standing next to their parking lot, being able to see each and every one of them up close, that was cool.
It was such a surreal couple of weeks here in Chicago, but I would not have changed it for anything else.  Yes, it was the best time, but boy am I glad that baseball is over, now we can get back to our normal lives, which now involve weekly dinners from the crockpot.

What have you been up to the past few weeks?
Tuesday, November 1, 2016

When your College Roommate comes to Chicago..

When you are in college, you live with your best friends, you stay up until the wee hours of the night studying together, you drink more coffee than you could ever imagine, laugh at the stupidest things, and just have the best time ever doing absolutely nothing.  

Then graduation comes around and you could not be more excited to be done with college, done with the studying, and dealing with the annoying freshmen.  You can't wait to begin the start of the rest of your life, whether it be starting a new job, looking for a job, or beginning grad school.  

Moving on from living with your best friends everyday to maybe seeing them 1-2x a year is rough!! After college, life gets busy.  Adult responsibilities happen, living in different time zones makes it complicated, not having the same schedules anymore happens, and you end up going weeks without talking to one another.  

But then, you see your college roommate and best friend for the first time in 5+ months and it is like nothing has changed at all.  You picked up just where you left off, like the last time you saw each other was this morning when you were inhaling your coffee running out the door on your way to class.  And that is exactly what happened a few weekends ago. 

Diana and I roomed together for basically our whole entire college career.  We had many memories of late night Grey's Anatomy binges, movie marathon weekends, making bagels from scratch, struggling through each day of Spanish class, and more.  I was so excited when she and her fiancĂ© drove from Minnesota for the weekend to come and visit me!  

Not only was I stoked to show them Chicago, I was excited to show them my city, the place where I now live, the place that I call home.  I was able to take them to mine and Zak's favorite brunch place, give them the Wrigleyville experience during a Cubs playoff game, walk around downtown, see The Bean, Lake Michigan, Buckingham Fountain, eat Chicago pizza, enjoy each other's company, and catch up on our lives.   It was the most wonderful weekend, even if it was shorter than we both would have liked. 

The funny thing about friendships are how they change over the years.  Diana and I went from being some scared 18 year olds moving into college, to deciding if, where, and when we wanted to study abroad, to trying to analyze Spanish poems without going crazy, to trying to decide what we were doing after college, to living in different cities, to being in serious relationships to getting ready for the next stage in life...whatever that stage may be.   

Even though so much has changed, there is so much that hasn't.  Diana and I still laugh hysterically over every little thing, obsess over the latest TV show, take the most ridiculous photos, shenanigans occur, and more.  I guess we just are "grown up friends" instead of "college friends", which is a great change as it was time to move on from college...but seriously, I'm kind of a grown up now...when did that happen? 
How have your friendships from college grown-up? 

Monday, October 24, 2016

My First Job as a Speech Language Pathologist

Six years ago I started college knowing that I wanted to be a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist (SLP).  I knew it was going to be hard, but little did I know how hard it was going to be and the long road and late nights it was going to entail.  If you had told me six years ago that my first job as an SLP would be working in the inner city Chicago charter schools, I would have laughed at you. 

I work for a speech clinic in the greater Chicagoland area.  During the schoolyear, I work in two different charter schools in the city and then during the summers I work in the clinic.  I love the variety it gives me and the fact that I will be able to have both the school and the clinic experience at the same time! 

My job is different than I expected.  I have a lot more literacy kids on my caseload than I was ready for, but I am learning more and more each and every day.  I never thought I would want to work with middle schoolers, but having a caseload of K-8 graders, gives you the best variety ever.  You laugh more than you ever expect.  '

Don't get me wrong, somedays I am completely overwhelmed.  I feel like I have no idea what the heck I am doing 50% of the time.  I am still learning all the Illinois standards and rules for IEP meetings.  But I am loving it.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  
I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to work with these kids on a daily basis and change their lives.  Whether it be decreasing their stutter, teaching the right placement of the tongue for accurate sound production, increasing length of utterances, teaching accurate social skills, being a counselor, teaching literacy and decoding skills, or just being friend.  As a speech-language pathologist, I do all of that and more.  I am overwhelmed, but overwhelmed with blessings of being able to work in this field after so many years of school and dreaming of being a speech language pathologist.  The time is finally here, I get to work my dream job for the rest of my life.

How are you blessed to be working your current job?